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first entry …

what do I do now?
I guess I’ll tell you what I did yesterday saturday august 23rd …
I was the 3rd camera operator (first time ever shooting motion) on a video for the recording of a Adele Dazeem uh I meanIdina Menzel’s upcoming Christmas album for Warner Bros. We shot a live recording session of a 50+ full orchestra. It was pretty stressful as you could imagine. We had to be like flies on a wall and not disturb the recording, the musicians or the music director in any way plus we had to get the shots as it was happening, NO RE-TAKES!

It was a good (long) day and I learned a lot, I made some mistakes but that’s OK I’m still learning the moving part of a picture. Stills and video are two completely different animals.

Now that I have the mark iii my plan is to keep on shooting more motion and learning as much as I can. If anyone wants to be my video Guinea pig feel free to hit me up.

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