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moving motion …

So about 2 months ago my trusty ol’ noble steed of a Canon 5D finally died on me after 7 years, it was definitely a workhorse with over 100.000 actuations (clicks) which is more than normal. Man I loved that thing! I took it to Canon and they wanted $600 bucks to fix it but they said the power circuit board, the sensor and pretty much everything could go haywire at anytime so it wasnt worth fixing just the shutter box and mirror box. Time to upgrade! I ended up financing a Canon Mark iii and I am in love again, even more so! This thing is amazing, what a piece of gear man! I’ve never thought of doing video stuff, well I have but always said I wouldn’t but who could resist, it shoots video so beautifully, so I caved and started experimenting. Thats what this entry is all about - my first few videos and editing experience.

As you all know this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone hogwild viral and my kids and even my wife got challenged (thank God no one nominated me) so I figured hey what a perfect chance to use my new camera’s video capabilities and learn while I’m at it, afterall they were about to use with their iPhones. They were shot 3 days in a row - the first one of my oldest daughter I used the mark iii only, and the other 3 I introduced a second camera, I had one of them shoot with their iPhones from a different angle so I could experiment and learn how to edit them together in iMovie. The results are below in the order they were shot.

UPDATE 8/28/2014 - I should have never said anything about not getting challenged. My cousin in London nominated me this morning. I’m DAMN HIM GONNA KILL HIM !!!

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