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F-Pedals & Eddie Kramer!

Back in January of this year I was at the NAMM Show shooting a step and repeat red carpet at a booth for a company that I am a partner in and the senior photo editor of called AudioProDB, we were shooting everyone that came to our booth: new sign ups to our service, just people walking by and other merchants. One of the other merchants who had his booth there was a good friend of mine from Naples Italy named Francesco Sondelli. Francesco’s been living here in LA over a decade now and has started an effects pedal company called F-Pedals, what sets his pedals apart from the others is they use the first-ever wireless power system, they run without any power supplies or any batteries inside the pedals. Pretty damned clever if you ask me. Anyway if you wanna know more go to F-Pedals. That weekend at NAMM Francesco introduced me to his partner and one of my heroes the legendary Eddie Kramer! if you don’t know who he is a quick Google search will tell you all. Eddie and I hit it off right away (he’s a real kick in the pants) and he hopped into my photobooth and I took a bunch of silly pictures of him and of the two of us together. Fast forward to a few weeks ago Francesco called me and asked me if I’d like to shoot some promo shots for F-Pedals of him and Eddie and I jumped at the offer. Here are a few shots and outtakes of that session including some silly ones from NAMM.


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