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Sada & Draco …

Full of life and good vibes!
That’s how I felt when I walked in to Phantom Vox Studios on Fairfax in West Hollywood. It was their last 2 weeks or so in LA and they were getting ready to move shop to Puerto Rico. Owner Draco Rosa immediately made me feel at home and told me to let him know if I needed anything. I told him how much I loved Maggie’s Dream back in the day but not so much Menudo and he just laughed and said ‘I get it”. I was there to shoot him and my new friend Grammy winning recording engineer Sadaharu Yagi whom I met at NAMM in January. Sada called me and asked if I would shoot him and Draco for the May 2014 issue of Japanese recording magazine called Sound & Recording, they left it up to him to hire a local photographer rather than send one from Japan. It was a great experience and I got some great shots of the studio, some gear and of the two of them. The studio had a really nice mellow vibe to it, nice and peaceful and the main room was really awesome with some really cool decor and a bunch of vintage guitars and basses, which is my weakness. I would imagine recording in that room would be very inspiring. Sad to see a great room like that leave LA but I totally understand why he left, I’m sure his new spot in Puerto Rico is gorgeous, if I’m not mistaken I think he told me they had a view of the ocean. Here a few shots of the studio, a tear sheet of the magazine article and a couple of outtakes of the duo having fun.

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