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Six Days ‘Til Sunday …

A few months ago I had the pleasure of shooting my best friend from high schools band Six Days ‘Til Sundays promo shots at their studio in Burbank. I’ve also shot them live at the world famous Whisky A Go Go. The drummer Robbie Sherre (aka Devlin 9) and I go way back, we used to be in a band back in high school called Avant Garde and we would go to practically every show in town. I went to school in Burbank even though I lived in Hollywood so I had to use his address and pretend I lived with him and as it turned out Burbank Unified made his parents become my legal guardians, so you can say legally we are brothers of some sort. We ended up completely losing touch after high school, but would run into one another over the years very rarely until we reconnected through (yup you guessed it) good ol’ Facebook about three or four years ago. I digress.I’m blogging this today to show off my friend Priscilla C. Scott’s behind the scenes photos of my shoot with the band and the bands new single Disease. I hired Priscilla to assist me on the shoot and she brought her camera so I told her to go ahead and do what she does best, take candids. She’s got a great eye for that journalistic style, but thats not all she’s good at, check out her work here. Drop her a line or hire her (if I’m already booked of course) for a shoot, she won’t let you down. I’ll include a few of her shots and a few of my shots of the band at the Whisky here and links to the rest of both.Priscilla’s behind the scenes shots andmy Whisky A Go Go shots

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