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Gianni has been my go-to photographer for years. He has an incredible eye and great instincts. As a musician, he has conducted photo shoots for every album I have released for the last 8 years and I couldn't be happier. He is a complete professional and pleasure to work with. I enjoyed working with him so much over the years, I ultimately hired him as Senior Photo Editor for my new company. Based on his work so far, I know we made the right decision.

David Gielan - Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Owner Melody Maker Productions & Founder of AudioProDB

We all look for great experiences working with professionals in any field, photography especially. To capture moments in time worth sharing with others, reliant on another to see these instances as important as we do, can be a task and frustrating at the very least. With all that being said, there's one photographer I would entrust with my projects, Gianni Neiviller. I managed the set up and implementation for's launch at NAMM, in Anaheim CA, earlier this past January. Gianni was our photographer. I stress OUR, as in OUR team photographer. We couldn't have asked for more professional care and expertise with the launch of our new business. From engagement with our guests to the quality of our photos, everything was top notch and we were assured that Gianni could handle this endeavor with no problem. I would recommend Gianni for any of your photography needs. Thank you Gianni for your help and I look forward to using your services and expertise once again very soon!

Eduardo Flores - Marketing & Brand Development Specialist

Gianni is a professional in every aspect, his photography and his eye are excellent. Great work my agents loved his photos and work and so do I. Great head shots, thank you Gianni!

Paulo Tocha  -  Martial Artist, Actor & Fight Choreographer

Gianni is my go to professional photographer. I originally was referred to Gianni in 2009, immediately my pics stood out and were recognized by people in the movie industry. He brought out expressions I didn't even realize I had or could portray. I have since gone back to Gianni and always get quality, professionalism, great pricing, and a pic that stands out in such a high volume of actors/actresses in the business. Thank you Gianni!

Kristina Hagan - Actor

Headshots are the hardest pictures to take, Capturing who someone really is. Gianni has taken wonderful pictures of me and a few of my dog. To this day they are some of my favorites! He has a great eye and he is wonderful to work with

Anna Lillie - Actor

I sent a client of mine to Gianni; an actor that was unhappy with (never thrilled with) shots of himself. They scheduled for an hour shoot and to do a few different looks. Gianni not only provided constructive suggestions AND captured the 'moments' when they happened; but his engaging and easygoing personality and energy made my client (who can be a pill) completely at ease and comfortable; this resulted in a major "problem" - we have SO many perfect shots !! Gianni's eye is awesome

Evan M. - Talent Manager

Gianni did interior and inventory shots for our guitar shop. Extremely professional and really great ideas. Highly recommend

Tommy Kay - Jazz Guitarist & Owner of Imperial Vintage Guitars

Gianni is a great photographer. His photos of me have helped me in the door

SJ Mendelson - Actor & Comedienne 

Very fun, and professional

Natalia Selevanova - Model

Gianni is hard working, has years of experience, and has a keen eye for what works and what will make people happy

Mark Velasquez - Photographer

If you're looking for a professional photographer who is skilled and has a great personality, look no further. If you are an actor looking for headshots or a model looking for beautiful photos to place in your portfolio, Gianni is perfect for that. I'm personally a fan of his lighting, very beautiful. Take a look at his web site and you can see for yourself what beautiful work he's done

Priscilla C. Scott - Photographer

Gianni was great to work with. He really set me at ease. I have used his pictures on many occasions. He is a very dedicated photographer

Lynne M. - Ballet Dancer

Gianni really knows how to capture what you're looking for. He’s fun to work with, professional and he provides great direction. He listened to what I needed, provided recommendations and direction to ensure we met my needs, and then delivered images that were even better than I imagined

JoAnne Foist  -  Excelerate & Consultant

Working with Gianni is simply amazing. His work ethic is superb, his ideas are incredible and the shots...well, amazing. We got so many looks/shots, the day flew by! I look forward to shooting with him again

Marnee McClellan - Actor & Model

Gianni did a boudoir session for me before my wedding last year. He went out of his way to visit the venue ahead of time to figure out the best lighting, props etc. He's extremely relaxed and fun while being professional and supportive. He'll make you look great! My husband loved the photos

Cynthia Pelston

Gianni is a joy to work with. Not only can he create stunning images with only natural light, he's professional, passionate and really fun to be around. My apartment has multiple prints from our shoot adorning its walls, which always receive many compliments. I'd recommend working with Gianni in a heartbeat!

Melinda Cohen - Actor & Model

Gianni has a gift for making his subject comfortable. Being in front if his camera feels like sitting down with an old friend. He brings out a natural ease that is reflected in his shots. I enjoyed the feeling of being seen as I am and captured as I feel. A really good experience overall with great results

Kathleen Walsh Macdonald - Actor

I got some killer headshots! He's a master with natural light

Joe Hendrix - Actor

I was in need of some new professional head-shots for promotional purposes, and was steered towards Gianni, and, boy, was I in luck! He came in, and immediately sized up the situation I was in to be be photographed (my studio at Universal), and took charge. I couldn't be happier by the results - unless, perhaps - if he could have made me look like Robert Redford.
I am using his shot as the cover of the website of my IPTV show, Star Chamber™!

Peter Doell - Senior Mastering & Mixing Engineer

Gianni's patience and positive energy can get the best out of anyone. His photos are gorgeous, my band couldn't be happier. We used them for our album artwork. 
We've never had more fun being in front of a camera either. :)

Christian Stone - Musician & Songwriter

Worked as a model on a photo shoot with Gianni, and had a great experience! I felt very comfortable the entire time, appreciated his direction, and was constantly entertained by funny stories and jokes!

Elizabeth Maxwell - Actress & Model

Gianni is the consummate professional photographer! I've had the pleasure of working with him on two shoots now. He brings so much imagination and artistry to the scene. He creates just the right mood every time. Goes above and beyond expectations!

Kim Stewart - Owner of Nudeedudee Clothing

I had an awesome time shooting with Gianni. Very relaxed, open and easy work environment. On top of it Gianni's creativity with lighting, angles and creative shooting is astounding.

Ilya Tabarovskiy - Professional Kickboxer & Model

Gianni is not only a great photographer with vision and a great eye but he is an awesome awesome dude. He makes you feel comfortable, unrushed and positive. The perfect vibe for anyone looking to have a truly solid photoshoot. I have never had a photoshoot with more usable photos. Totally recommend Gianni Neiviller.

Matthew Landon - Actor/Producer/Writer/Director

I've had the pleasure of working with Gianni, AND seeing him work with others. That has given me the perspective to understand that the high quality of his work is matched by his professionalism and communication skills. He is a master at inspiring his clients to be natural and letting their inner beauty shine, and then has perfect timing in catching those moments with his camera. He truly excels in getting the best energy from his models. He has an amazing eye for capturing images that are well balanced (contrast, lighting and subject/environment). Head shots, model shoots, commercial shoots, artistic shoots - hands down, he's one of the best photographers I've ever worked with!

John Montgomery - LA Based Drummer/Studio Musician/Producer

Gianni is a true pro! He shot some promo photos for me at the very scenic Malibu Wines and I couldn't have been more impressed. He instantly made me feel comfortable and was extremely patient..all the while giving me some great direction. He seemlessly tied in the natural beauty of the location but kept the focus on me. During the 7 hour shoot Gianni never lost enthusiasm and his energy perked me up when I started to drag. Then I got the pictures back and couldn't have been happier. He absolutely captured everything he said he would. If you're looking for a creative, passionate and very talented photographer....I highly recommend Gianni.

Arielle Verinis - Singer/Songwriter

Gianni is fast, creative and fun to work with, his work speaks for itself!

Gavin Atkins - Musician & Songwriter 

Great photographs and he works well with clients

Brian Holbrook - Restaurateur & Owner of Blue Cube DTLA

Gianni was hired to shoot the opening night gala for my new musical. He arrived early with all his gear, ready for action. He helped us select the best place to set up our step and repeat banner and then Gianni quickly lit the scene. We were up and ready to roll within 20 minutes. He shot lots of great pics on the red carpet and then he shot a ton of fantastic pics of the show itself. Gianni was extremely professional throughout. His personable and easy-going nature put everyone at ease, which only added to the quality of the photos and to the success of the event

Terrence Atkins - Theater Actor, Director & Writer 

Whether your shoot is in a studio requiring special lighting or in more creative settings, Gianni is your man, uh, your perfect photographer. At our annual beach camping trip this year our group of fifty was blown away with the creative and professional set up we were met with at our shoot. No electricity, no problem. No natural lighting, no problem. Gianni set up with a generator to provide the perfect outdoor ambiance with creative props, filters and others effects that I had no idea were possible at a campground. The photos will provide our party with memories of our experience for a lifetime of joy and laughter. Thank you for making everything about the shoot not only fun, but perfect

Diane Omori - Avid Camper

I hired Gianni to take high resolution images of original artwork so that large scale reproductions could be printed from the digital files. Not only did Gianni do an excellent job with the photographs, but he also formatted and edited the electronic files so well that we sent them directly to print without using our graphics team and all within short rushed deadlines. Gianni is the consummate professional and very easy to work with

Lori Stearns - Fine Art Enthusiast & Art Dealer

I am a musician, specifically a drummer and to this day Gianni has captured the single best images of me. He has taken photos of several of my live performances and he captures better pictures each time. The best! I wouldn't have anyone else

Kellii Scott - Drummer

Gianni Neiviller provides both the skills and knowledge when it comes to photography! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional work. He has a great friendly attitude and was very easy to work with

Christian O'Brien - Actor

Gianni made me feel very relaxed, I could be myself around him, very professional with a good sense of humor!

Savoir Faire - Musician

I've been a photographer for the better part of 60 years, having begun in grammar school. When I was a student at San Leandro High School and the staff photographer for KYA Radio in San Francisco I was hired to shoot the Beatles in 1965 arriving at S.F. Airport and later at their afternoon and evening concerts at The Cow Palace. I went on to have a career in the music business as a record company executive and artist manager. In those capacities I've hired many of the greatest and most recognized photographers of all time. Choosing and selecting photographs for publicity, advertising, promotion and imaging has always been a significant responsibility throughout my career. Gianni embraces all of the qualities that I look for in a professional photographer. He has the rare talent of putting his subject at ease from the outset and delivers creative and thoughtful images that provoke a mood and unique perspective each and every time

Larry White - Artist Manager, Producer & Record Executive

I would highly recommend Gianni for photo shoots. He shot my 12 year old for his agency. Gianni was able to bring out my sons personality and make him feel at ease, while capturing amazing shots. The agency was really happy with all the versatile pictures. They turned out so good we had a hard time choosing the best ones. If you need head shots, pictures for editorial or commercial, Gianni is the guy

Jennifer Wells - Awesome Mom!

When it comes to great shots Gianni is the best. We were blessed to have him shoot a project we did for Russell Simmons. The photos came out great and Russell really loved them! If you need pro photography Gianni is the way to go!

Aflamu Johnson - Actor, Writer & Comedian

I have been photographed by Gianni Neiviller many times. They've all been very easy sessions with spectacular results. Gianni is the perfect balance between very professional and eclectic-artsy, he takes suggestions with no ego yet follows his own vision always pulling the "magic" out of every shot.
He is my photographer of choice and I highly recommend him

Francesco Sondelli - Singer/Songwriter & Founder of F-Pedals

As a professional model I have shot with many photographers. Gianni, is relaxed and creates a dynamic energy that helps you feel confident and strong. The end result is a nicely edited image that is as much raw as it is sharp!

Claudine Penedo - Model & Yogi

I brought Gianni in to work with a high-profile client and was pleased with his professionalism and discretion. I was very happy with the results of his work and wouldn't hesitate to hire him again

Sadaharu Yagi - Producer, Mixer, Engineer & Songwriter

Professional and fun ! Great shooting with Gianni !

Joy Chilton - Photographer & Videographer

Gianni, I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to shoot with you. Your innovative eye and directorial instincts made for such an engaging and refreshing experience. Looking forward to many more!

Brent Taylor - Actor & Screen Writer

He did an awesome job with the head shots! Very professional and uses the natural settings to his advantage to get great backgrounds. I would totally recommend him

Susan Holton - Awesome Mom!

Gianni has a great eye and knows how to get the shot he's looking for. He's great at making his models feel comfortable which makes his photography have a great sense of emotion behind each shot. He's fun and outgoing, I love working with him!

Tara Spadaro - Model & Actress

Love Gianni, Great photographer and very professional. Great quality photos at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend Gianni as a photographer

Rachel Rivera - Owner of Fitness is Art

Gianni shot head shots for me. He creates such a relaxed and fun environment with his easy going nature and warmth. He works hard to set up just the right shot and has a great eye. He listened well to what I wanted and the response to my photos were overwhelmingly positive

Rebekah Louise Smith - Actor

Gianni has an incredible eye and is able to capture beautifully candid moments. He uses natural light expertly, so his photos don't typically require editing or retouching. When the client wants an enhanced image, though, he is skilled at making killer edits that produce really unique photos. Some of my most favorite family photos have been shot by Gianni!

Jennifer Maurus

If you want phenomenal pictures and great energy shooting, Gianni Neiviller is the photographer you're looking for! I am a singer/songwriter branching out into acting and modeling and I wanted a variety of different shots to make a comp card; head shots, body shots, and promo shots. I wanted professional quality showing who I am in each picture. I got all that and more! Gianni made sure that I got exactly what I was looking for. He took the time to get to know me, and chose the perfect location. He had such great energy during the shoot, I could tell he loves what he does and it shows in the pictures! I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a true artist and amazing to work with. I found him through Thumbtack and I really scored! I'm so happy with the results and whenever I need pictures done again he will be the one I call.

Sabrina Chaco - Singer/Songwriter/Actor

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